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Iolkos - Yorgos Foudoulis

An ancient Greek city, built on the site of current Volos, in the deepest recess of the gulf of Pagasitikos, starting point of a fabulous travel. King Pelias, Jason who appeared wearing a single sandal and gave meaning to an old oracle, the golden fleece, legendary "Argo" and its long journey to Kolhis, with heroes from all over Greece as a crew, heroes like Hercules, Dioskouri, Pileas, Orpheus, Asclepius and many others, are all parts of the canvas of the famous myth of the Argonautic Expedition.
This same city, which has in the long past inspired epic writers and poets, is now after many centuries becoming the starting point of another journey, musical this time. The music of the collection "Iolkos" bears deep influences by the myth and the present as well, since it was actually created in it.
In many of its parts, situations and sentiments are described, sounds from nature and its elements are transported, the human awe of the Divine and Fate is expressed. It's a cluster of pictures, imaginary and real, a game of primaeval memory and experience, an internal monologue seeking to evolve, to grow into a dialogue with each listener.

Greek impressions

Subways Music presents the album “Greek Impressions”. Some important and original works by Greek composers for guitar duo performed by the well known and particularly enterprising guitarists and composers Leonidas Kanaris and Yorgos Foudoulis, in a 70 min CD.
The CD of this fine and special guitar duo includes  music pieces by
 significant Argiris Kounadis, unfairly lost Kyriakos Georginakis, eminent instructor Dimitris Fampas, guitarist Dimitris Nikitos, emigrant to England for the last 40 year George Zarb, as well as by the performers themselves in an anthology of learned Greek music compositions for classic guitar with reference to the Greek tradition aura as a common element.
Quit a few of the works included in this CD are freshly released and make Greece known as a country of outstanding music creation, with a repertoire worth holding an exceptional place in the international stardom. “Greek Impressions” is a piece of work addressed not only to classic guitar fans but its musical contents of unique beauty and high quality performance promise every lover of the art of music, aesthetic pleasure and atmospherical listening.

The Preliminary Study of the Guitar

This book is an excellent aid for a proper learning in the preliminary classical guitar classes for young students  6 -7 years old.

Insisting on excercising on easy drills offers to the teacher the possibility to stick to the issue of the right posture of the guitar and the setting of the hands on it.

It also offers to
the student a chance to form a strong perception of the way to play the guitar and realize the significance of the issue of rhythm in music.
(A & B Part)


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